Monitor your online performance in real-time

The Digital Marketing Dashboard helps you monitor your business’s key performance indicators online in real-time, including your website and social media business metrics.

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • RSS Feed Display
  • Quick & Easy Setup

Customize Your Dashboard

  • Quick and easy widget setup
  • Choose from a wide variety of pre-built widgets and tracking tools
  • Attractive, customizable, and intuitive user interface

Google Analytics Integration

  • View your total website visits, unique visitors, new visits, total page views, pages viewed per visit, and bounce rate
  • Track all keywords, both paid and unpaid, used by users to reach your site

Facebook Integration

  • View page likes and see a progression of likes over time
  • See likes, clicks, and total reach for your last 5 posts
  • Post directly to Facebook from the Dashboard
  • See likes, clicks, and total reach for your last 5 posts

Twitter Integration

  • See who’s following you on Twitter
  • Measure the engagement of your tweets
  • Tweet to your followers directly from the Dashboard

Other Features

  • Add local weather and time
  • Setup a feeds of your favorite blogs
  • Post directly to LinkedIn from the Dashboard

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